Hello world, it’s me and if you don’t remember (and I understand) I am going to borrow from Mick and Keith “please allow me to introduce myself”. Today is my first day of being “laid off”. I am old enough to not remember the first Woodstock and young enough to not count on Social Security. I have an incredibly beautiful, intelligent and loving wife and an equally beautiful, intelligent and loving 20 month old daughter. Did I mention I was laid off?

My grandfather worked in a glass factory for 43 years. My father worked 36 years in the school system. Both left on their own terms. I had 12 and half years of my 30 year spreadsheet complete and now I am making lemonade. I will be going back to school, staying home with a toddler and making life as easy as possible for wife while we get from here to there.

The Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the Devil” has been going through my head for days now. I am not a huge fan but Exile on Main Street is one of my five island records. It may be that I understand why my boss did what he had to or that is the perfect line to start any new relationship. Either way “Sympathy for the Devil” is the song of the day, sing it, enjoy it, “Ooo, who, who, Oh, yeah”